"Slum Madam+Overdue Lover" MOD (2161009)

"Slum Madam+Overdue Lover" MOD (2161009)

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Product Description

To install you need the "Hazumi and the Pregnation" v1.9.6 or above

JP translation by EvilGold: https://twitter.com/EvilGold3

This MOD is compatible with all previous MOD

this MOD has the next feature:

two new NPC in the game

-Overdue Lover and Slum Madam

-Overdue Lover paid hazumi for taking pictures of her overdue belly(if hazumi is more overdue he paid more money to her)

-Slum Madam help hazumi to reach multiple pregnancy more easy thanks to her research she found in a faraway country(her servise cost breast milk keep it in mind)

*Overdue Lover only appear in the cafe bathroom when hazumi is in the overdue state (44 weeks pregnant or more)

*Slum Madan appear in the slum after the 3rd childbirth, because she was traveling around the world.

*she can help hazumi to reach multi-pregnancy, but her help cost breast milk so keep that in mind when you need her service

*her service can be used any time in the day (more breast milk you have more babys will can bear hazumi)

*v1.0 fix issues with slum madam event

*v1.1 fix little issues with slum madam event

v1.2 increase the base money overdue lover can give you during overdue, also the money don't stop increase even if you got 60 weeks

v2.0 add compatibility for hazumi v1.9.6

How to install
inside the .zip is a folder named "www" copy and paste in the next route:

Hazumi and the Pregnation\PPLSS\

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